Car rental

Sunndal Bilutleie AS was established in 2002 and has cooperation agreements with large companies in Oslo such as Skanska, Caverion, Energomonaj (who works HYDRO), Veidekk and Hent. We offer rental cars for short and long periods, ranging from one / two days to 6 months or longer. At Sunndal Bilutleie Oslo, you can hire vehicles from one of Norway’s most trusted car brand – Volkswagen.

Good choice of cars for hire in Oslo for any purpose

We offer a wide range of rental cars for every purpose. Everything from a weekend getaway, mountain hikes or moving can be carried out using our car rental park. The rental car can be rented for shorter or longer periods. Everything from one day to six months or longer is possible, depending on what you need.

The cars are mainly supplied by Volkswagen, and you will find cars like VW Touran, Caddy, Amarok and Passat. The brand is known for reliability and solidity, and the different models are well suited for regular rental car needs. You can also find some rental cars from Mercedes. We do offer other types of vehicles like vans, pickups, four-wheel drive and minibuses, as well as cars with larger loaders and minibuses with fewer seats, which can also be run by people with Class B driver’s license.

If you need a rental car for some tough roads, we can help you. You will find both the VW Touareg 4X4 and the solid Mercedes Geländewagen, a small power pack that will take you safely both on mountain roads and in winter.

Cheap car hire in Oslo

Our rental cars are almost exclusively from the VW, but you also find the classic Mercedes Terrain car in Sundal’s fleet. In other words, here you can ensure quality at a competitive and reasonable price.

The cheapest way to rent a car from us is when you rent the car for a long period of time. Car rental rates start from 120kr per day. If you need a rental car for a shorter period, the minimum rental amount is NOK 1 500 and the shortest rental period is 2 days. Car hire from Sundal will be the cheapest when you rent for a longer period.

If you need to hire a cheap and small passenger car, you can get it as low as NOK 2,500 per week for a VW UP! This rental car is the cheapest option in our fleet and is suitable for couples or a small family who are looking for car for a trip or on behalf of your job. If you need a cheap rental car for a longer period, then the monthly rent is only NOK 5,000 for this car.

Long term car rental Oslo

Do you need a car from one month to 3 years? Then long-term rental can be a brilliant alternative to leasing or buying a car! You decide which car you need and how long you want to rent. We have a wide range of cars for most purposes.

We have small city cars that you can use to commute to and from work, station wagon that fits perfectly for an entire family in everyday life and SUVs that have both space and comfort, perfect for challenging roads and mountain tours.

Our wide range of vans can be used as a workforce if you are a carpenter, plumber or just need a lot of space in your daily life, you can even put on your own logo and other advertising on our cars! Check full offer long term car rental

How do you get to Sundal Bilutleie AS?

You will find Sundal Bilutleie AS located at Alnabru, near E6 and Strømsveien on the way out of Oslo, our address is Stubberudveien 4, 0668 Oslo. Here you will find a large selection of rental cars for all imaginable purposes and this is a good option for cheap car hire. The closest bus stop is Alfaset(3 minutes), but you can also take the Trosterud subway(15 minutes), or the train to Alna, if you are up for a little longer hike(35 minutes). This means you have access to a wide range of cheap rental cars in a central location.